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May 31, 2021
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June 16, 2021

There was a time when outsourcing companies only helped with hiring external developers for a software development project. These days the situation has changed a lot. You can get outsourced analysis, production of software, consultation, etc. You can even continue your collaboration with the team of developers, testers, designers, and other specialists from the outsourcing company. In our article, we will go through many ways to get the best results from outsourcing software development.

Main benefits of an outsourcing development project

When a company chooses to outsource a development project, they open their business for new possibilities and technologies. Among the main advantages of any IT outsourcing:

  • Many talented experts

When you do not know where and how to seek highly skilled professionals in your local area, it can be problematic to find them. With outsourcing, your company can open up the global talent market with all the needed experience and skills.

  • Cost-cutting

You do not need to recruit, place developers in the office, pay for their taxes. All of these are done by outsourcing companies. You only pay for the done work. In the end, you will dramatically lower your costs and still get the needed product.

  • Concentration on urgent tasks

If your company decides to do the software development alone with not many professionals, then you risk diffusing your attention and neglecting crucial business processes. Conversely, the outsourcing team will handle all the development process while you will concentrate on achieving your business goals.

  • Better service

When you have a professional team working on you, you will surely enhance client satisfaction. They know how to create or improve high-quality software in a short period with few or no issues.

  • Quicker launch

Your company has a key to various new solutions and technologies that an outsourcing company can offer. It means the software development project may be launched even quicker compared to doing the whole project using in-house resources.

  • Better competitiveness

Once again, outsourcing company has excess to various technologies and solutions. As a result, you can get better software and better reaction from customers. It makes your business much ahead of all other competitors.

Nearshoring or offshoring: Which should you choose?

After we have looked through the benefits of outsourcing software development, it is time to decide between offshoring and nearshoring.


Nearshoring is an outsourcing practice when you look for specialists to work on software in nearby countries and close time zones. Among benefits:

  • Not many issues with communication
  • Low-budget travel to meet the team
  • Similar culture, skills, requirements for labor and quality
  • No difference in time
  • More possibilities to control the development process
  • Probably similar legal and financial laws


Offshoring is an outsourcing practice when companies look for specialists to work on software all over the world. Among benefits:

  • Significant costs savings
  • Wider talent pool
  • Access to various technologies
  • Adjustable work schedule

Small, medium-sized, or big outsourcing company: what company is best to collaborate with?

As soon as you have chosen between nearshoring and offshoring, it is time to decide what size of a company is best to work with your needs and conditions.

Small companies

Small outsourcing companies usually have less than 200 employees, low-budget pricing, and are suitable for young companies.

Even though small companies do not always have a large amount of experience, they still go the extra mile to provide the best solution for clients. Moreover, they ready to adjust the development process according to the client’s needs and schedule.

Still, remember those small companies might need more time to finish your project as they have less expertise in certain areas of development. To avoid such situations, make sure that your team of developers has all the needed skills and technologies to launch the software on time.

Medium-sized companies

Medium-sized outsourcing companies usually have from 200 to 1000 employees, wide-range experience with different technologies and solutions. Of course, in comparison with small companies, they have excess to the bigger talent market. Search for an extra expert can take a little time but, still, these companies can manage it with few or no issues.

Large companies

Large outsourcing companies have more than 1000 professionals. They have excess to various talent pools and can provide solutions in various business spheres. Moreover, these companies know how to work with operational tasks of different complexity. They even can provide your company excess exactly to those professionals you need in your project.

However, you should be ready that such quickness and professionalism come hand in hand with higher prices for their services.


Learn more about crucial things in choosing an outsourcing company for a development project in our article “Great tips to check the tech skills of an outsourcing company”.


Remember that correctly chosen an outsourcing company for software development can make a most successful project. Thus, you should conduct the most in-depth research so that you can get the needed software. Or you can contact us, and we will provide detailed consultation on outsourcing mechanisms and software development processes.

When you choose an outsourcing vendor, try to ignore vivid commercials and look into how they operate. Our company, Techexpert International, tries its best to be honest and open in outsourcing. If you are ready to start developing new profitable and professional software, we are waiting for you.

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