Automation of IT departments using GLPI

We offer a comprehensive solution for automating the Service Desk and a number of IT processes based on the GLPI software product. This solution allows you to implement a process approach to IT management and automate ITSM processes. The solution is consistent with ITIL's best practices for incident management processes, configurations, problems and other processes.

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If you are looking for an opportunity to improve the quality of IT service management with the automation tools, take a look at GLPi – free open source system monitoring , which can be deployed and configured quickly enough. We have extensive experience and expertise of automating such processes and we can assure you that GLPi is the best choice to solve the task. Furthermore, as the sole official partner of GLPi development community in Ukraine, we developed our own plugins and have successfully fulfilled a number of projects on integration of the system with customer’s infrastructure and GLPI cloud.

    Advantages of GLPI based system


    All information about requests created in the system is available to users


    Requests with high urgency will be immediately taken to execution


    Users can try to solve the problems themselves using the knowledge base


    Storing the history of work allow to track user activity and reaction speed

    About GLPI Technology

    Teclib’ is an Open Source Software Editor that offers fully integrated technology packages. Teclib' Open IT Solutions helps you get the best out of your IT management strategy, to better respond to your business needs.

    What do you get?

    The solution based on GLPI is designed to automate Service Desk workflow as well as IT department and IT inventory management. In particular, the system allows you to automate such processes as:

    ITSM Processes Accounting Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Incident Management
    • Service Request Management
    • Problem Management
    • SLA Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Budget Management
    • Supplier Management
    • Contact Management
    • Contract Management
    • Document Management

    Moreover the system has a built-in inventory of IT assets based on the expansion module Fusion Inventory GLPI and allows managing hardware and software of the company. GLPI app can be recommended as a company document management system for automate document management, same as IT problem management software for IT infrastructure automation.

    Ready-to-use GLPI plugins

    If your company already have GLPI system, you can improve it by integration with IP telephony, introduction of mobile version or IT Risk Manager, optimization of working with tickets, notifications or processes, etc.

    Need automation?

    If you need productive and versatile Service Desk system, just get in touch and let us show what we can do to achieve your objectives.

    Benefits for company

    • Resource capacity planning
    • Information about users, supported objects, object location for each customer, flexible access management for different user groups
    • Centralized request log on all customers with custom view
    • Customization of request templates for different customers and request types
    • Automatic generation “routing sheet” on the basis of request in pdf format
    • Configuration of business rules for different request types (priority, responsible executors, approval etc.) and automatic request creation to perform regular scheduled works
    • Accounting of administrative and financial data
    • Reporting (by customer, service, request executor, location, object etc.)
    • Settings (calendar, response time, decision time) of the services provided by each customer

    Benefits for users

    • Multichannel request registration (e-mail, personal account, telephone, monitoring system)
    • Access to your personal account from any device (including mobile) via a browser
    • A single request log with information on the current status and fulfilment time
    • Flexible notification system on the request progress
    • Possibility of communication with the "Executor" during the request resolution with the possibility of attaching documents
    • Knowledge base for self-resolution of typical incidents
    • The ability to assess the quality of the request resolution
    • Request reporting
    • Multilinguality (40 languages)

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