Document management system

Techexpert Company provides services of document workflow automation based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. The implementation of the document management portal allows to automate the basic workflow with incoming/outgoing and internal documents, simplifies the procedure for documents coordinating, recording and controlling the movement of official correspondence.

Opportunities of the solution

About Technology

Document management system is based on Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is a powerful platform to automate business process including document workflow.


Registration of incoming/outgoing correspondence
  • Registration and storage of all incoming correspondence in a single electronic repository
  • Automatic sending of notifications and tasks to responsible employees
  • Distribution of correspondence for familiarization with interested parties
  • Assigning tasks according to incoming documents and tracking the status of their implementation
Registration of procurement requests
  • Directories of materials for procurement (stationery, components, consumables, etc.) and a directory of suppliers
  • Single window for creating procurement requests
  • Assigning tasks to the procurement department or responsible employee according to pre-configured routes
  • Monitoring of task completion status and sending of notification changes
Preparation and negotiation of contracts
  • Preparation, negotiation and approval of contracts
  • Route selection of the approval, delegation of tasks, discussions during the negotiations
  • Tracking of task completion status, deadlines controlling
  • Sending of notifications at different stages of the process
Systematization and document storage
  • Contracts storage in a single electronic repository
  • Searching of the desired contract both by its contents and by the fields of the contract card: counterparty, author, date, type, amount, etc.
Orders and ordinance management
  • Preparation of orders and ordinance according to templates previously approved by the company
  • Negotiation of documents on established routes
  • Assignment of tasks to the executors after the approval of the document with an automatic reminder system and convenient controls
Errands and tasks management
  • Assignment of tasks within a project or meeting
  • Quick tracking of status and deadlines
  • Sending of notifications to interested parties

Benefits of the Solution based on Microsoft SharePoint Platform

Our case studies

User Training

Training your employees for further independent development of the system:

  • mini-training shows all the key features of the Microsoft SharePoint functionality
  • training of independently configuring of workflows
  • recommendations on using Microsoft SharePoint to solve tasks

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