Service Desk on GLPI

Service Desk on GLPI is a comprehensive solution based on GLPI software that allows to implement a process approach in IT management and to automate ITSM processes. The solution includes a set of ready-to-use tools, templates and presets that provide automation of most IT tasks: the work of the support service and the entire IT department of the company.

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Service Desk is a single point of contact for all consumers of your company’s services. Service operators register user requests, resolve the maximum possible number of requests on the first line of support, and appoint performers for the incident if it is not possible to resolve it on the first line.

This solution includes the best and most demanded components of the Service Desk portal and requires a minimum of time and costs to implement it.

    With Service Desk based on GLPI you can

    Advantages of the Service Desk solution

    The advantages of the ready-to-use Service Desk pre-configured solution and the wide capabilities of the GLPI system itself are harmoniously combined in our solution. Such symbiosis provides a unique set of advantages:
    Short deployment times and operational commissioning
    A wide range of tasks at the expense of pre-configured modules and services with the ability to configure and expand them
    Significant savings in financial and time costs
    Maintaining and expanding the benefits of GLPI

    About GLPI Technology

    Teclib’ is an Open Source Software Editor that offers fully integrated technology packages. Teclib' Open IT Solutions helps you get the best out of your IT management strategy, to better respond to your business needs.

    The typical functionality of Service Desk solution includes

    User work
    • Many service desk application options
    • User Integration with AD / LDAP
    • Configure user profiles
    • Email and SMS notifications
    Service Level Management
    • Calendars (work schedules)
    • SLA and incident response time
    • Escalation levels
    • Automatic Business Rules for Requests
    Knowledge base
    • Convenient search in the knowledge base
    • List of articles by category
    • Tree structure
    • Frequently asked Questions
    Incident and request management
    • Request and Incident Categories
    • Urgency, impact, priority of applications
    • Operator groups according to specialization
    • Labor accounting, statistical information
    Configuration Management
    • Hardware Accounting
    • Accounting software
    • Automatic hardware and software inventory system
    • Information is collected, stored and regularly updated
    Management Accounting
    • Budgets
    • Suppliers
    • Contacts
    • Of the agreement
    • Documents

    Ready-to-use GLPI plugins

    If your company already have GLPI system, you can improve it by integration with IP telephony, introduction of mobile version or IT Risk Manager, optimization of working with tickets, notifications or processes, etc.

    Need automation?

    If you need productive and versatile Service Desk system, just get in touch and let us show what we can do to achieve your objectives.

    Benefits for users and managers

    Users can easily:
    • register a support call
    • monitor the history of your appeals and monitor the process of application execution
    • leave feedback and comments
    • search for a solution to a problem with keywords in the knowledge base
    • get the latest news regarding the work of IT on the portal and from the news feed
    • increase the predictability of the provision of IT services and the loading of IT specialists
    • manage working time and workload of specialists, generate reports on requests and specialists
    • receive consolidated information about suppliers, contracts, budgets

    Benefits for IT professionals

    IT department specialists can:
    • automate the service department
    • improve the quality and speed of processing user requests
    • categorize and prioritize incidents automatically according to incident types, SLAs, etc.
    • reduce the burden on IT professionals and reduce the number of "fires"
    • create a unified branched knowledge base (user manuals, experience solving the most common problems, general notifications)
    • provide the ability to effectively search the database

    Access to the system is through a browser using: smartphone, tablet, desktop PC or laptop. The solution can be integrated with various systems, including:

    • Active Directory
    • Zabbix
    • Fusion Inventory
    • Email and SMS
    • IP-telephony based on Asterisk, and other systems

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