IT Assets Management

Automation of the life cycle management process of company IT department assets (software and hardware).

Tasks of Assets Management Automation

Automate the system for registering and processing user requests for the purchase and delivery of equipment
Create a single centralized database with detailed information about all IT assets of the company and about their condition
Create a system for generating consolidated reporting on the acquisition and transferring of IT assets within the company
Automate the system of transferring bills for the acquisition of new IT assets

About Technology

The solution for automating IT asset lifecycle management processes is based on the GLPI system. GLPI is Open Source Software that offers fully integrated technology packages and helps you get the best out of your IT management strategy.


  • Budget management allows to control each structural unit fund expenses;
  • Management of orders and invoices for the purchase of equipment;
  • Stock management allows track the remains of equipment in the warehouse and respond quickly if necessary to replenish;
  • Distribution of assets between customer departments;
  • Notifications of key process events;
  • Construction of consolidated reporting of budget expenses, procurement and equipment usage history.

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Benefits of the solution

The solution for automating the processes of managing the IT assets life cycle simplifies the interaction of the IT department and company employees regarding the receipt of equipment and the provision of corporate IT services.
The process of budgeting the company's needs for IT assets is carried out centrally, it is simple and transparent.
The unified corporate database of the company is automatically filled with information about the equipment and is kept up to date. You can track the full life cycle of any company IT asset.
Simplifying of the accounting, opportunity of paying many bills for the purchase of new IT assets in an automated mode.

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