GLPI plugins

Techexpert has several successfully implemented projects in the field of automation of ITSM processes based on GLPI software. As part of these projects, we have developed and successfully implemented ready-to-use modules.

Asterisk Connector: GLPI IP Telephony Integration Module

The GLPi integration module with the IP-telephony system is implemented as a plug-in to the GLPi system and allows automatic registration of tickets based on incoming calls to the support service, as well as recording all user calls by phone to the technical support service.


  • the ability to snap a few calls to the 1 application
  • the possibility of identifying incoming calls at the moment of the call (until the operator takes this call)
  • indication of the status of calls (a conversation is on, a call is on, a missed call, a received call)
  • processing calls received by a group of specialists
  • initiation of outgoing call

GLPi version must be at least 0.90 to run properly.

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Mobile version for GLPI system

This module provides the ability to display the GLPi system in a simplified form when entering it from a mobile device (phone, tablet). In the browser, you can switch between the full and mobile version. The mobile version is optimized for smartphones and makes it possible to use the main functionality.


  • Creating an application in a simplified interface, the ability to attach files (photos, screenshots)
  • View the list of applications, filter by the list of applications
  • View application change history
  • Editing, closing and confirmation of the execution of applications
  • The rest of the functionality is available when working with the full version of the system.

Note. All automatic actions configured in the full version of the system are performed on the mobile version in the background: working out rules and templates, updating directories.

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KPI Reporting in GLPI

This plugin will expand the functionality of standard reports. Manage reports on KPI, evaluate the work of employees and store it in its history, and most importantly - a new function for uploading reports to the .xls format, which allows you to visualize work efficiency in a convenient format.


  • Unloading applications from the journal to the Excel spreadsheet.
  • KPI report based on the number of closed applications, the number of refunds of the application for revision, the average rating of satisfaction with the service, the rating of the mentor and the rating of the manager.
  • Evaluation of the Manager / Mentor with recording ratings in history.

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Working with tickets in GLPI

By installing this module in your GLPi system, you get additional, more advanced functionalities of Requests Management: counters and tracking the "life cycle" of tickets for more efficient work and increased productivity of incident processing.


  • Counter refunds tickets for revision
  • Counter of the number of transitions of the tickets from the Solved / Closed statuses to other statuses.
  • SLA counter when approving a tickets
  • Time counter in tasks with real-time display in the tickets log (revision of the Actual Time plugin).
  • Highlighting tickets in the journal according to specified criteria.
  • The service catalog allows you to store information on the services provided by customers. Services can be linked to the tickets categories and establish a connection between the service and the ticket.

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Working with notifications

The functional features of this plugin allow you to add a number of variable data to your GLPi system for managing Notifications. Planning, sending, receiving feedback with this plugin will become more effective.


  • Time of possession in application notifications.
  • Earlier / Later in the notifications shows how long before or after the planned deadline the application was resolved.
  • Putting satisfaction ratings from e-mail without logging in.
  • Files in notifications - allows you to activate / deactivate the sending of attachments at the level of the notification template.

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Working with business processes

The "Processes" plugin expands the possibilities for setting up business processes for processing calls in GLPI, allowing you to automate processes that involve the division of work into stages with different groups of executors, that is branching and parallel processing of tasks.


  • Creating predefined process templates
  • Start the process according to the selected template
  • Creating parallel and sequential applications as part of the process
  • Dynamic entry of information into applications at different stages of the process
  • Notification of process participants on the progress of its implementation

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