Negotiation of contracts and contractors with SharePoint

Automation of IT asset life cycle management processes
June 4, 2020

The project aims to automate the process of negotiating contracts and contractors.

Project tasks

  • Increase the efficiency of distribution of employees’ work time in the company while preparing and negotiating contracts.
  • Reduce the costs associated with storing, retrieving and processing paper documents.
  • Increase the transparency of the contract negotiation process.

The solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server.

Project result

A unified system for the initiation and approval of contracts and contractors has been created. The system allows you:

  • to set up approval routes depending on the conditions (type of contract, amount of a contract, etc.);
  • to conduct discussions during the agreement;
  • to control the approval process at each stage;
  • to inform responsible employees in case of regulation term violation;
  • to form a final approval sheet.

All information that was added during the approval process is stored in the contract card throughout the entire life cycle of the contract, and is also available in the contract archive.

The search for documents in the archive is possible not only by the key parameters of the agreement, but also by the text of the document itself, which provides the fastest possible access to the necessary documents.

Basic reporting on key process metrics is also provided.

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