4 misunderstandings about outsourcing software development

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June 8, 2021
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June 29, 2021

 In-house recruitment was there for companies long before outsourcing. Organizations already know what is going on there and how to cope with the hiring process. Then there is outsourcing software development. It is relatively new and has certain pitfalls according to the same companies.

While concentrating only on issues, we tend to forget that IT outsourcing has significantly evolved, and some problems are no longer there or not so significant as we imagine them. In our article, we will look through some widespread misunderstandings and dispel them.


1. IT-outsourcing takes more time than regular in-house development

We understand why so many companies talk about it. With an outsourcing team, you cannot go straight into the cabinet and tell them everything you think about issues. Instead, you need to schedule meetings, build your whole communication online through emails, chats, and calls. It can be tiring.

On the other hand, you do not have to spend your time on searching and hiring new specialist. Outsourcing company knows how to do it quickly and efficiently. Or you can work with an existing team in an outsourcing company. Then you do not need to onboard new employees, as there are according to managers, who work on that.

Even more, if you do the communication process right, you can even speed up whole development. We discussed the best options to improve your communication in the article “10 tips for proper communication with the outsourcing team”.


2. You have little control over the development process

While outsourcing companies have experienced project managers who control the development process on all stages, many clients feel like they have no control over their products. However, the situation solely depends on you. 

Before signing the contract, you will decide to which extent you will be involved with the team through chats, emails, audio, and video calls. You can even set some boundaries with the team manager. By this, we mean that you can set a frequency of reports, updates, and discussions on progress. Moreover, remember to talk about the vision and mission of your project. This way, you will guide the outsourcing team through the development process.


3. Outsourcing is a scam

The idea comes from bad previous experiences. Usually, such clients say that results were horrible, specialists were unqualified, and even parts of the code were stolen.

We cannot deny that there are no such companies. Moreover, similar cases can happen to companies that work only with in-house hiring. However, you can avoid them.

First of all, you should research your chosen outsourcing company, request a project portfolio, ask detailed questions. You can even ask your business partners for recommendations. There are always good outsourcing companies out there, you just need to be attentive.


4. You can leave the whole project development to the outsourcing team

So, this is a reverse misunderstanding. Some companies think if they have an outsourcing team, they have done part of their job.

Believe it or not, outsourcing cannot magically create a needed masterpiece without your support, ideas, and direction. Many nuances in every development should be specific to your business. Otherwise, you will get good but useless software.

Besides that, ideas tend to alter and improve during the development process.  We mean when the outsourcing team works on a task, your business might face some changes and even alterations in software.  If you do not tell them about the need to change software, you might get a result that is not suitable for your business. In the end, you will have to spend more money on improving a product. 

Many companies who do not wish to engage with the development process and get mediocre software, blame it on the outsourcing company. Then they create misconceptions about outsourcing and rarely work after that with any other outsourcing company.

Thus, you should manage the development project at least to a minimum extent; communicate with the team if you need improvement. This way you will save your money and time.




There are a lot more misconceptions about outsourcing software development. However, you can avoid them if you do research and study a situation you have. Not all outsourcing companies are the same. There are many professional and trusted ones.

We in Techexpert International provide our clients the best experience during software development. Before any outsourcing, we try to communicate and dispel any doubts. Only this way we can build strong collaboration and develop the needed software. If you have more questions, contact us.

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