Main reasons why startups should opt for IT outsourcing

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June 16, 2021
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July 15, 2021


When business owners start working on startups, they believe that they do not need IT outsourcing. However, when you work on a young business on your own, it can become overwhelming. Mainly because you have to search for good specialists, develop strong software, work on business development, maintain a steady workflow and reach out to clients. These activities can become too much and, as a result, not many startups reach their goals.


Of course, working with an in-house team can be safer. However, if you do outsourcing right, you will get the needed software. Here are the main reasons why your startup should opt for outsourcing software development.


1. Outsourcing team may have better communication among members

If the team has previously worked on other projects, there would be a high chance they have good communication and already know how to work with each other. Moreover, they would not need any adaptation period and could start working on the project as soon as possible.


2. You do not need to work as a recruiter or HR manager

The practice of many companies shows that to find suitable specialists, you need to be a good recruiter and not a project manager or marketing specialist. Only recruiters know how to choose and hire a good specialist. If we are talking about the outsourcing company, they usually have recruiters oriented to the IT market. As a rule, they know about trends and how professional IT specialists should look like.


3. Whole development process is transparent

If you are cooperating with the right outsourcing company, you should not worry about being out of control of the development process. You can always regulate the amount and quality of cooperation and communication with a team and even implement needed solutions for proper communication. However, all of these should be discussed before signing a contract.

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4. IT outsourcing is cost-effective

Not many startups have big budgets for software development. However, outsourcing can cope with this task. In a vast IT market, you can find partners with a suitable price least all over the world. There is no necessity to hire in-house specialists who will cost you more than a whole IT outsourcing process.


5. More concentration on business tasks.

Outsourcing software development allows you to be more focused on business-related tasks. It means you do not have to be torn between software projects and company improvement.


6. High level of flexibility

As the outsourcing company constantly works on new projects, its teams know how to adjust quickly to your visions and business ethics to create perfectly suitable software. Moreover, they can quickly scale up or down a team according to your request with minimum losses to your project.


7. Various solutions and specialists lie before you

Not many experienced developers want to work on unknown projects. However, if it happens on outsourcing terms, you may have a team of specialists with the needed skills and experience. Everything depends on your budget and needs. Such situation happens because outsourcing company has more experience in hiring IT professionals and knows what things to offer them to make them stay in the project.

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8. It saves your time.

You decide you want to use new technology in your development project, however, you have not worked with it previously. It means your in-house team will have to spend more time on development to implement the technology right. If you request help from an outsourcing company, they may already have a specialist who knows how to work with the new technology. It saves so much time. Besides that, the outsourcing company may even advise a better alternative that resolves all your requests.


9. The outsourcing company is responsible for the development process.

When you work with the in-house team, there is always a chance that a developer will leave you’re a better project or offer. They can do it at the beginning, in the middle, or even at the end of the project. However, the outsourcing company cannot do the same. You have an agreement with strict rules and possible outcomes if the outsourcing party will violate them. 

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Our main point in compiling this list is to show that regardless of company size or budget you still can manage to outsource and create good software for your company. We are saying this because we have been working in the outsourcing market for a long time and know the true value of good outsourcing software development. If you still have your doubts, contact us, and we will discuss all ins and outs of software development for your startup.

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