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April 23, 2021
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May 7, 2021

 When you are a company with little or no tech skills, it can be difficult to find the right outsourcing company for software development.  However, there is a way out of this situation. If you already have the list of likely candidates, here are three steps on how you can narrow it down until the only one is left.


Before the actual meeting

Imagine you have a list of five outsourcing companies that offer similar services and characteristics. To avoid any mistakes and be sure of your choice, it will be better if you study:

  • Portfolio

Here you should see real proof of their previous successful projects and experience in needed spheres and technologies. If there are similar projects to your case, that outsourcing company may already provide you a quicker solution. However, if there are no similarities but an outsourcing company has a great portfolio, we advise you to give them a chance.

  • Testimonials from other clients

Usually, companies gather testimonials and post them on their websites. If you cannot find them there, you can always look up clients’ names and contact them or search for reviews online. This way you will true opinion on the outsourcing company. However, always check their honesty.

  • Blog or publications

It will be a great addition if they have a blog where they post informative and professional articles related to their sphere. Any publications in online media are also a good sign of their professionalism.

  • Agile process

The outsourcing company should have a page where they explain their development process. Nowadays, agile development is considered one of the most efficient and effective ones all over the world. This methodology helps your software develop smoothly; you will have regular updates and communication through different channels. In Techexpert International, we use agile methodology quite often in our software development process. It helps us streamline not only communication with the client but also avoid any slacks in development. Thus, try to learn a bit more about this methodology and then ask outsourcing company what it means to them and how they implement it.

  • Provide a package of information on future software.

This one helps the outsourcing company to get a preview of future projects before meeting you in person. The package should include ideas, possible issues, suggestions, and questions. We will explain a bit later the reasons for this action.

  • Demo version

You should do this point with a technical consultant; otherwise, it will be difficult to understand a demo version. If you see that an outsourcing company has a similar project, you may ask them for the demo version of the project. This way, you will see how certain features may look in your software.

  • Technologies the company works with

Before starting the project, discover what languages, tools, and frameworks the company uses. Remember, they should be up-to-date and specific to future software. Your develop-consult should pinpoint certain technologies from the company’s list that suit your project.


During the meeting with the outsourcing company

After gathering all the information about the company, it is time to meet with chosen ones. Here you should find out about:

  • Company’s ideas and offers about your information package for the project

It will show whether they worked on your package or not. Ask them questions about it; see if they have any adjustments to make your project better and eliminate possible risks. If they have no questions or issues with your package, then they are not as professional as they want to seem.

  • Data security

Every modern company has sensitive data they should protect. So ask about security procedures and the NDA contract. An outsourcing company that values client’s security will implement all the needed measures.  Learn more about crucial points in your contract in our article “7 points of any contract for outsourcing development”.

  • Communication

When you meet with representatives of the outsourcing company, you can learn how they will work with you. Pay attention to how they solve problems you ask about. They should be responsive and offer you a draft plan of action.  Then pay attention to their values and ethics. You can test them with a question on topics you do not understand. If you see a friendly and calm response and get the idea after explanation then you have made the right choice.

Most importantly, pay attention to how their schedule your meeting, what documentation they bring, and who is present at the meeting (like Team Lead, Project Manager, etc.)

  • Developers

This point works if a company already has a development team for you. Try to learn about their previous experience, level of proficiency, working schedule, etc.

  • Support after finished project

Ask representatives what exactly will happen after they finish developing your software. You should know that there are always some bugs and their solving, constant improvements even after launch, customization for new devices, etc. So does an outsourcing company provide support after software launch? If yes, it is a good sign for your company. If no, ask them where else you can find such support.


Finding the right outsourcing company takes time and patience. We hope that with these tips it will be easier for you to make a choice. Or you can contact us, and we open up about our outsourcing process and how we can help you develop great software.

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