How can outsourcing help in the search for developers?

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April 15, 2021
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April 28, 2021

 When you are looking for IT specialists for your project, you are trying to choose the best ones. The same goes for other companies. Of course, the IT market has many IT specialists, who never seem enough for quickly rising demand. So, let’s discuss how an outsourcing company can help you find the most suitable developer for your software development.


5 reasons why your company cannot find the needed software developers

When you are looking for developers, there are many of them. Therefore, the shortage is not an issue. However, the lack of suitable developers for a project is truly a problem. Usually, IT specialists need:

  • Experience

Little or no experience does not necessarily mean a bad thing. Because these developers are eager to work on projects and create new ideas. However, if you need a person without a wide background and knowledge then an IT specialist with little experience will only slow down the development process.

  • Formal engineering education

No one says that self-education is useless or wrong. Usually, specialists who self-educate themselves in chosen spheres are hard-working and smart people. However, not all companies are ready to risk.

  • Technical skills

Here is a vice versa situation. You have in hand the CV of a senior developer with many years of experience in a specific technology. However, you want them to work with brand-new technology IT specialists has not worked previously. What should you do? There is always a variant when you hire this specialist and support them while they learn new skills. If you are not ready or do not have time for that, it will be better to avoid the case.

  • Soft skills

There are cases, when even if you find a suitable developer with the needed experience and educational background, they will not still fit in. The main reason for that is difficulties in getting along and communicating with that person. And you cannot even predict how IT specialists will acquit themselves in your company.

  • High salary

If you are looking for the best IT specialist, then expect them to have high salary demands for their work. Usually experienced and overall best developers know their value. As a result, they have higher salary demands. Of course, you can say “no” and, in the next several days, this developer will get another offer where a company is ready to pay asked salary. You can apply this situation to the whole IT market. It is caused by a small pool of high-profile developers who dictate the rules of cooperation.


How can an outsourcing company help you?

These points sound dramatic. However, in reality, you can overcome them if you choose to outsource software development. Techexpert International strives to:

  • provide a pool of the needed developers to work on the project;

As an IT outsourcing company, we know places where to find suitable developers according to your needs. Your company does not need to do the recruitment process alone anymore. Instead, we will search and hire IT specialists according to the given characteristics. Then after settling our cooperation, the team will start their work on software development. So, in the end, you save not only money but also time.

  • provide straight scalability;

After your project is launched, you can finish our cooperation. Alternatively, you may continue to work with us on different software and scale the team up or down according to the needs of a new project. You can change the scope by replacing IT specialists from the backend to the mobile scope.

  • provide service to various companies;

Regardless of your budget and plans, outsourcing software development is affordable in any case. Even if you already have a formed team and only need to add several developers. Our help will allow you to spend less money and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Learn more about outsourcing models and other reasons why you should start outsourcing your project in our articles:”3 main outsourcing models for project development”, “Why do companies outsource?


The fight for an IT specialist on the market can be intense; however, it does not mean you will lose. With the professionalism of our company, your outsourcing experience of software development will become smooth and effective. Contact us, and our team will help you solve all related outsourcing issues.

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