Automation: swift, proficient, user-friendly

Automation of business processes: reasons and benefits
January 12, 2021

Automation of processes in the company means:

  • improvement in their efficiency and transparency
  • reduction of costs (both time and money) on the routine activities – organization of internal documentation, registration and external correspondence, purchases, etc.
  • as well as forthcoming necessity (especially the communication within several departments)

Most organizations are aware of this, but have no idea how to step away from the awareness of the need to the next level – a practical use. How to “feel” (preferably – cheap and fast) ready-to-use system, which, at the same time, reflects the specific processes of the company, get the first glimpse and tangible results, and that is possible to develop and scale on the basis of the experience gained. And yet – not to get a pig in a poke that will constantly consume resources on implementation and support (especially if all begins with the typical daily tasks).

And in this case the great choice is a pilot project. Moreover, the self-sufficient project, which allows you to quickly start automation process, enable users to get used to the system and thus maintain the solution on your own. A ready-to-use solution, which enables customization, as well as a very important component – user training in skills necessary for further development of the system. This solution is a package of process automation “Starter” on the platform Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013/SharePoint Online from TechExpert.

The package includes three core components:

  • 3 pre-configured basic working process
  • processes configuration according to customer requirements
  • user training on configuration of working processes for further system development on one’s own

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