In-house or outsourcing development: make your choice

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January 19, 2021
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February 1, 2021

Development has always been the main part of digitalization. Digital changes do not come at once; they take a lot of time and effort. Thus, you should weigh up all possible advantages and disadvantages of two variants: in-house development and outsourcing.

In-house Development against Outsourcing


In-house development

The main point of in-house development is to take more controlled decisions over project participation and development. We gather highly professional specialists who will understand business processes and culture-bound characteristics. Before choosing in-house development, think of:

  • Sufficient time, management means, and expenses in a company;
  • Enough work for the team after the project is finished.


  • Possibility of full project management. You will see the daily progress of your employees and react quickly if there are any issues in the processes.
  • Trouble-free communication. You will have similar working hours for the team, live discussions, quick feedback and adjustments according to your needs.
  • Security of higher level. The project team takes care of practices and corporate data so that it is protected from other entities. You preserve all the data inside your company.
  • Support even after project kick-off. You can request support from your in-house team for repairs and upgrades even after your project launch.


  • Long launch. The search and hiring of developers take at least thirty days. Keep in mind that you are not the only one who is looking for an in-house team. Specialists should meet said skills and experience. In other cases, you will have to look for a new developer.
  • Extra costs for working with the in-house team and possible employee turnover. There are always such things as taxes, salary, training expenses. Moreover, some specialists might leave the project in the midst of it.
  • Not enough skills. Sometimes it is not possible to collect all specialists with needed expertise in the project. If you still wish to find an expert, it will need additional time.


Outsourced development

More organizations are opting for outsourced development to solve intricate development projects and save costs. The main aim of the outsourced team is to optimize all possible project processes.

It is suitable for small start-ups, companies with or without IT-team. The second case happens when a company urgently needs specialists who are absent in their IT-department.

The team of Techexpert International is ready to help you start a successful development project using the experience and competence of the outsourced team.


  • Work with the best specialists. You do not depend on geographical position anymore. Your outsourced team might be even in another country. Instead, you can reach for specialists you need.
  • Fewer costs. You do not need to spend your income on the recruitment process, employee retention, salaries, extra taxes, and other stuff.
  • Quick kick-off of the project. The provider offers an existing team with needed skills and competence or gathers new one in a short period.
  • Fewer efforts for work management. The team already manages themselves. You can concentrate on business processes.
  • A provider will choose those professionals who will be the most suitable for your project’s needs.
  • Streamlined development process. The provider already knows how to organize the team’s work with the most suitable practices. Moreover, the provider’s experience helps quickly solve any possible issues.


  • Less possibility to manage the project. While a team is not located in your office, you cannot see the complete development process. As a result, you might doubt the team’s performance.
  • You might have cultural and language gaps with a developing team.
  • Possible data leakage. As you share your business data, you should keep in mind that some communication channels might be weak. This might end in a data breach.

The first disadvantage will never appear if you work with an experienced outsourcing company. They offer you regular reports, calls and other variants of keeping you informed with the latest development of your project. You can even adjust the regularity of the reports.

The third disadvantage will vanish if you sign the Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the provider. It is the best way to protect corporate data.

Before you make a decision, think of your expenses and the time you have planned for your project. Besides, you should know the level of software complexity that should come from the project. Taking into consideration all that, our specialists at Techexpert International are ready to help you. Contact us for support.

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