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April 1, 2021
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April 15, 2021

Daily Chief Technology Officers (CTO) come across various issues related to management, strategy, and technology spheres. Besides that, they have to work on strong strategies to avoid any negative trends. It is a lot to take for only one team in your company. Thus, there is always support in a form of the outsourcing company. If you are still considering this option, remember that outsourcing can help your CTOs with the implementation of changeable IT trends and find needed IT experts. To prove this idea, we have compiled a list of four issues CTO faces and four outsourcing ways you can solve them.

1. Search and retention of IT talents

When a new software development project starts, CTOs have to spend a lot of time to find needed talents, then hire them, quickly onboard, and even educate them if there is a need. So, it is not only about time but also about money.

Also, remember about employees’ retention. IT experts should be satisfied with the workplace they have. It means you have to provide them professional opportunities to grow and study. Otherwise, they will leave your company for better prospects.

Solution: When your CTO has to find high-profile experts quickly, the outsourcing company will always come to the rescue. The outsourcing vendor already knows tech markets inside out. It means the search for IT employees becomes quick and precise. CTO just needs to describe the candidate for the job position.

Moreover, our company has practices on how to work with the professional development of IT experts. For instance, among these practices can be salary reviews, Individual Development Plans, various appraisals, etc.

It will help CTO concentrate on urgent tasks such as product, business, and technology developments and leave search and retention of IT specialists for us.

2. Security problems

CTOs are caught between two stools. On one hand, they need to ensure information security. On another hand, they have to provide agile and easy access to needed information. So, the main pain point here is the balance of confidentiality and accessibility.

However, it may be difficult to achieve such a balance when there is possible technical knowledge and skills gap. At the same time, security issues are quickly evolving.

Solution: Your company should opt only for experienced outsourcing vendors like Techexpert International as they know how to develop products that are aligned with global compliance regulations. We implement proven strategies and practices to ensure the security and effectiveness of products on various levels.

If we are talking about data protection, then the outsourcing team knows how to use data according to global laws and standards. This way, you will have strong management of networks, passwords, cryptographic keys, and data assets.

3. Too many tech development trends

There is a constant flow of new tech trends, CTO’s task is to choose an effective one and be consistent with it. However, the next new technology appears, and Chief Technology Officer should think over whether this one is suitable too. So, some companies can spend a lot of time, while changing from one to another technology or adopting one more. Of course, it does not necessarily mean new tech trends are disruptive. However, the race to be the most innovative company can turn badly for business.

It does not mean your company should ignore all trends, but be quite selective, as new technology needs qualified specialists who know how to work with it. Otherwise, spent time and money will go to waste.

Solution: As a rule, outsourcing companies regularly work with various latest technologies as they have clients all over the world. So, they should know how to work with tech trends and how to find the best specialists in a short period.

Our main point is to advise suitable technology for your software development project without any losses in budget and time. Our thorough study of your company will help find not just the most latest technology but the most advantageous for business development.

4. Issues with efficient work of all employees

Another huge pain point of CTOs’ is the organization of effective workload, as some employees might spend more time on routine tasks and postpone more urgent ones. So, CTOs have to decide which tasks should be or removed, or automated, or simplified.

The automation process includes many stages such as research, strategy development, restructuring, testing, implementation of adjustments, etc. It is a lot to take for CTO. To make precise decisions, your company can hand over some of the tasks to the outsourcing team.

Solution: The knowledge and skills of the outsourcing team can be of great help to your company. Because we already have all the needed tools to achieve the effective process of project development. If we are talking about the architecture design of a product then the outsourcing team can help with:

  • a full analysis of business;
  • discovery phase;
  • development of product pilot version.

Outsourcing vendors can provide successful practices for automation and testing. At the same time, they have a detached view of your business processes. They will see problematic processes easily that slow down software development.


The outsourcing team from Techexpert International can become the best support for your CTOs while they are facing many challenges in software development on their way. Contact us, and we will share our knowledge and skills in the product development process.

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