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May 7, 2021
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If you are considering outsourcing your software development project, think of Agile methodology. We are sure you have heard of it. In our previous article “Why do companies outsource?” we looked more into reasons why companies choose outsourcing. Now it is time to discuss what agile methodology is and how your company can benefit from using it in outsourcing software development.


What is Agile methodology?

Agile was created solely to streamline software development. This methodology consists of such frameworks as Kanban, Extreme Programming, Scrum, Crystal, Lean software development, etc. The peculiarity of all of these frameworks is that they have similar values and visions. It makes Agile whole and unique at the same time.

The main point of Agile methodology is to split the development process into cyclic paths or iterations. Usually these iterations last from one to for working weeks and have strict phases like planning, analysis, coding, designing, and testing.  This way final software will be whole, more adaptive to new changes, and protected from possible risks.  Agile is also about communication with a team. It means proper development cannot go without feedbacks, honest communication, discussions on the product’s future, and teamwork.


Effective ways to implement Agile in outsourcing

Separately or not, outsourcing development and Agile methodology are great ways that you can get a needed software product. However, you still need to know how to make Agile work for your project, so that development will be quick, effective, planned, and trusted.

Find an outsourcing company that your company can trust

As we said, software development is not only about product creation but also supporting the idea itself. Thus, when you are looking for a vendor, choose those that have a similar vision, ideas, working philosophy, etc. This way, you will smooth your communication.

It will be the best option if you start your search by learning everything about a future outsourcing partner. Everything means an official website, feedbacks, portfolio, blog posts, operating model, etc. The clearer information you get, the easier it will be for you to build strong communication.

Keep close communication

If you truly want to implement Agile, then start with the elimination of communication issues. Remember, that Agile is more about honesty and open communication than about repetitive and sometimes unnecessary documentation. If you think that it is not possible to achieve with a team that can be located in a different country and speaks a different language, then you are wrong.

There are many ways you can streamline communication and never feel obstacles. For instance, your communication should have scheduled meetings, chats for quick discussions, video- and audio conferences, reports, and even team-building meetings. The last one will help with working on the friendly atmosphere in the team.

Learn more about how you can improve your communication with a team in our article “10 tips for proper communication with the outsourcing team”.

Work on effective teamwork

To achieve effectiveness in software development, it is crucial to improve the effectiveness of teamwork. Agile is more about the team as a whole than about individuals. Thus, all members should work in synchronization and support each other if needed. At the same time, Agile reminds us that team consists of people who play crucial roles in development. Without them, the work on the project will slow down. If you talk about this with your team, the idea will show that they are all valued, whether they are a team or one person. Always think of working conditions to get a motivated and strong team.

Sign only agile contracts

Agile contracts are quite different from regular ones. They are formed in a specific way and go somewhere between strict and flexible. With your contract you show that an outsourcing company is your partner.

Thus, when you work on a contract, remember that there might be alterations in cooperation. Moreover, your cooperation is not only about numbers, but also about a whole product that is aligned with your goals and ideas.  Also, when you sign a contract, be sure your lawyers also know about the specifics of Agile cooperation.

Learn more about points to pay attention to in a contract in the article “7 points of any contract for outsourcing development”.

Remember about time zones

If you are afraid of having different time zones, this methodology can also help resolve the issue.  Remember, this or another way you will still have at least 1-2 overlapping hours to communicate with the development team. Your task is to find them and schedule meetings exactly at the same time every day. Even if you are from the United States and your partner is from Ukraine, you still can find these overlapping hours. Do not ignore this issue, as it will help you be on the same page with the team of developers.


Agile and outsourcing software development is a great duet. However, to make them work for you, you need to think the whole project through. Contact us, and we will help you streamline and improve your software development project with our best outsourcing practices.

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