Implementation of a billing system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
June 10, 2020
Universal Logistics Application (ULA)
December 2, 2020
Customer: A trading company with an extensive network of retail stores.

The project aims to optimize communication for retail chains based on Microsoft SharePoint.


Used Techonologies


The ability to quickly exchange information between departments, store and publish documents required for the operational activities of the company.

Central storage, management and access to documents throughout the enterprise. Storing the knowledge of specialists in a formalized form for training new employees.

Automation of document flow, providing quick search for documents, the ability to automate the document control and task execution.

Automation of typical business processes of a trading enterprise: creation of tasks/requests and their processing.

The solution is implemented on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint and has all the typical functionality of corporate portals, as well as built-in business processes for document management and information interaction, typical for any retail chain.

During the project:

  • A corporate portal based on MS Sharepoint has been developed and implemented.
  • The efficiency of employees of the central office and retail stores with various documents (orders, instructions, inquiries, requests, memos, instructions, etc.) has been increased.
  • Business processes have been automated: creation of tasks/requests and their processing (photo reports, planograms, markdowns, product range examination, promos, distribution of promotional products, checking the availability of goods, etc.).
  • Temporary and material resources for problem definition to the subordinate employees have been reduced.
  • User training to work with the portal have been conducted.

At the same time, our solution retains all the advantages of using Microsoft SharePoint:

  • ease of maintenance and modification
  • full-text search
  • using history change version
  • deep integration with other Microsoft products

For the successful implementation of this solution with minimal costs, both in cost and terms of implementation, the infrastructure of the company must include: Windows Server with unified Active Directory, SQL Server, Exchange Server (recommended).

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