Implementation of a billing system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365

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June 24, 2020
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June 5, 2020
Customer: An IT company that leases virtual resources and provides comprehensive technical support.

The goal is to automate the process of receiving and processing data to form the cost of consumption of company resources.


The billing system is designed to receive data and form a value for invoices for services provided to the customers under long-term contracts. The system can keep records of any telemetry data:

  • Collect data, transmit and record in the system.
  • Summarize the data, calculate its cost according to the tariff of a customer and use this information for invoicing for payment.
  • Generate detailed reports on components within one customer.

Create a single central database with automatic recording of detailed information about all used services and customer resources, as well as their status.

Automate the process of collecting and processing information about the resources/services used.

Automate the process of calculating the cost of the resources/services used according to the tariffs of the customer.

Generate detailed reports on the services and resources used.

The billing system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a set of essential functional capabilities for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.

This system allows not only to optimize the operating activities of the company but also provides customers with additional services.

As part of the solution, the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a unified corporate database for automated filling and maintaining the main telemetry data reference books up to date was provided.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can send real-time notifications of key data changes, as well as reporting on resource usage history.

The introduction of a billing system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 simplified the interaction of the IT department and company employees in obtaining information about resources and costs.

The process of calculating the cost of resources and expenses when working with customers is carried out automatically, it has become simple and transparent.

Also, the work of analysts and management has been simplified; now they can easily generate reports on resource use and costs with the necessary filters.

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