Reorganization of IT infrastructure with IT-services migration to the Cloud

Hotel Engineering Service Automation Module
June 9, 2020
Automation of the Business Impact Analysis process within business continuity management
June 30, 2020
Customer: a supplier and distributor of famous brands auto parts.

The project aims to modernize and optimize of the customer's server infrastructure.

The project was aimed at restructuring the existing server infrastructure of the Customer and finding an alternative to physical servers. The following factors were important for the customer: simplicity of administration, possibility of easy and fast scaling of resources, stability of work, diagnostics of speed.

Project tasks

  • optimize the use of computing resources;
  • correctly configure IT services for the needs of the company;
  • migrate the part of the customer's IT services, including database servers, 1C, SCCM, main domain controller and mail to the cloud;
  • ensure the security of data transfer between users and servers.
Hybrid infrastructure has been organized. Part of the IT infrastructure is located in a private cloud: the main domain controller, RDS server with ERP system, TSG server, mail server and SCCM server. Backups of virtual servers hosted in the cloud have been organized. Locally in the office there was a backup domain controller, file server, etc. A secure VPN tunnel has been set up to ensure secure data transfer between the cloud and the office.

Project result

  • Maximum performance for "smart" money.
  • Easy to administer, easy to scale, fail-tolerant IT infrastructure.
  • Secure data transfer between users and servers.
  • Professional technical support with SLA compliance.

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