Communicational platform New Ukrainian School

Universal Logistics Application (ULA)
December 2, 2020
Client: The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, represented by an IT-expert from Educational Reform Support Office – Zhuravliov A.

The project goal is to create a communicational platform where teachers, pupils, and parents can get free information services, discuss reforms and development of educational management and implement new approaches.

Project tasks

  • To create a multifunctional educational platform for teachers, students, and pupils
  • To collect all available manuals and materials on one knowledge base
  • To present the possibility to create simple and functional school web portals using templates and cloud solutions

The solution is developed from scratch.

Project result

The developed platform distributes flows of news, events, and discussions of educational materials according to the communities (Teachers, Pupils, and Parents), expertise, subjects, and study years.

  • The platform is suitable for all regular pupils, pupils with special needs from different study years, and different parts of Ukraine. Educational materials are available for free and online and formed according to the educational program.
  • The platform has all available online manuals and materials from various authors and publishers in a full or linked form. These materials and manuals are compiled according to the requirements of The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
  • The virtual space exists for communication, polls, public and professional discussions on topics like management and filling of the educational process, creation, and interaction of teachers’, pupils’ and parents’ communities.
  • offers the opportunity to quickly identify critical assets (processes and systems) of the bank.
  • Schools can create practical and functional web portals using templates and cloud solutions.

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