Project-based outsourcing

Entire project outsourcing

It is the best solution for the companies with clearly defined project scope and planning.

TechExpert offers a unique blend of competence in consultancy, project management, choice of technology, and other tools, enabling us to support your needs throughout the entire project life cycle.

Dedicated team

Dedicated team outsourcing is efficient in case the companies have a well-defined project idea and its own management team, but need some the additional staff.

Our specialists will research the customer’s requirements carefully to understand the goals of the project correctly and suggest the best solutions to you taking into account the needs of the project.


If you wish to keep more control over the process and to provide the project management, while we are performing specific tasks this engagement model is right for you.

TechExpert performs a particular task in the project process based on the parameters provided by the client.

Hybrid model

The hybrid form of collaboration is a combination of the above-mentioned forms (entire project outsourcing, dedicated development team, out-tasking and virtual hiring). It is effective since you have a great opportunity to combine traditional forms to meet the requirements and needs of your project.

For example, you drew up an estimate and a project plan according to entire project outsourcing form and want to use our resources (virtual hiring) with us undertaking some tasks (out-tasking). At the same time we can handle some elements in the project with the help of our dedicated development team.

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